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PES Ltd is an established solar PV installations company based in Surrey - start saving money today!



Who are we?

PES Ltd PV installers. We are specialists in the installation of solar PV panels, generating green solar electricity for the home or business.


What we can do for you

We specialise in providing professional advice on feed in tariffs (FITs), solar products, mounting systems and a high class service


Solar PV 

Solar PV is a popular way for homeowners to generate electricity for use within the home,

whist reducing energy bills, circumventing rising electricity prices and cutting carbon emissions.

The Feed-in Tariff also helps give the investment into being green a healthy Return on Investment of 15% - 18%.

Under Floor Heating

Electric under floor heating warms floors evenly under tile, stone, laminate, and engineered wood floors, without any cold spots. Electric under floor heating systems are now very energy efficient and can be controlled by programmable thermostats, including wireless thermostats.
Pes Ltd is able to design and supply electric under floor heating for domestic and commercial applications, with a range of specific products that are appropriate for virtually any type of under- floor heating application

Thermal Roof Coatng 

The perfect choice for a low-cost alternative to re-roofing your home, Protection, renewal, sustainability and insulation all in one coating application! The only authentic and complete roof coating solution on the market today, Backed by a 15 year guarantee.

The Feed- In Tariff

Since the scheme was introduced in 2010 it’s encouraged thousands of UK homeowners to install PV panels. And as well as securing strong financial returns through the tariff, you’ll also enjoy lower energy bills, protect your home from rising fuel prices and lower your impact on the environment. 
The current FIT rates can be found HERE 


Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

From 1 April 2012, only homes that have an energy performance certificate (EPC) at grade D or above will receive the full feed-in tariff • EPCs give homeowners a snapshot of how energy efficient their home is. It shows how your home ranks on a chart of seven coloured bands, ranging from A (the most efficient, in dark green) to G (the worst, in red). 

Energy performance certificates



Invest in solar 

More and more people are turning to solar power for their main energy source these days, mainly due to the rising coasts of their own energy bills. So how easy is it to have solar panel installations fitted to your home? Probably easier than you think.


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